Café Fitouts

Café Fitouts

Truly successful hospitality is all about ensuring comfort and providing good food and drink. It’s about creating a unique experience for your customers that they will want to relive and even recreate.

It is our pleasure to design and create spaces that encourage your customers to return time and time again, bringing friends and family with them. To create a destination rather than just another coffee shop.

The use of high-quality materials teamed with specialist craftsmanship positions you to create an attractive and innovative cafe, tailored to your target demographic, increasing sales and, most importantly, profit.


Intelligent Café Design

Our specialist team of design and build professionals will create your vision from concept to completion to create the unique atmosphere you’ve been imagining for your cafe.

We consider and implement the most vital elements of cafe interior design, such as:

  • The most effective spacing of tables – for clientele comfort
  • The perfect placement of your serving counter and coffee machine – for productivity and foot traffic flow in busy periods,
  • Attractive storefront design – to invite customers inside
  • All-weather outdoor seating requirements and associated council permissions
  • Effective indoor lighting options that create your desired ambience without affecting staff’s ability to work
  • Flooring options for ease of cleanup as well as noise insulation, and
  • Applied colour research and decor options that create a welcoming and comfortable space for your customers to enjoy

We combine these design considerations with all of the specific functions of a custom fitout, such as sourcing materials and tradesmen, right through to the completed build.

You can relax, knowing that your entire project is centrally managed by us every step of the way.

Our familiarity with all relevant legislation and regulations ensures that every stage of the build takes place on time and meets all legal requirement, so you can be confident that you’ll be open for business on the day you planned.


Why Action Interiors

With 40 years’ experience creating unique hospitality spaces in Perth, we are proven experts in cafe design and construction. We pride ourselves on creating practical spaces for optimum workflow that are also aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

We offer detailed project plans for each and every café construction project we undertake, ensuring every hospitality build we oversee is not only completed on time but also comes in under budget.

All of our builds, no matter how big or small are always delivered to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship to exceed your expectations.

We also conduct strict due diligence to ensure that your premises meet all food, health and safety legislation so that you’re ready to trade as soon as we hand over the keys.

Delivering quality from floorplan to handover means your uniquely designed space will not only look great but will also stand the test of time.

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