Café Interior Design: Designing Fabulous Spaces

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Posted on May 17, 2017

They say that you are what you eat, and the same could be said about your café interior design, as the ambience you create is going to define who you are as a business and determine whether or not customers want to come back for more. In the competitive world of eateries, design decisions are just as important as the ingredients in the food and 2017 is welcoming a whole new menu of trends from material selection that with a simple renovation, will make your dining room as delicious as your dinner.

The next generation of restaurant and café interior design is all about bringing the outside indoors, whether through plants or naturally sturdy flooring. Incorporation greenery into your space not only adds to the decorative flare, but also works to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. With an array of different plants to choose from, as there are many different styles and colours within the flora family, deciding to update your look with nature is both an economical and eco-friendly way to rejuvenate your aesthetics. Meanwhile, floors have been revamped to match a natural trend with bricks such as terracotta and surfaces with an overall natural look and feel, replacing the more superficial choices. One of the benefits with these new trends is that flooring, like terracotta, can handle the hustle and bustle of restaurant life and therefore will look amazing for years to come.

But the ground isn’t the only important element in redesign, as the ceiling of a restaurant offers even more opportunity to redefine the mood. Think back to times when you have been at a trendy restaurant and been frustrated by the lack of lighting, or to other times spent trying to hide away from extremely invasive neon lights. Thankfully, there are many happy mediums in between these faux pas and matching the lighting options to your desired look will highlight just how much you care about the customer’s overall experience in your establishment. Beyond ambience, lighting choices also have the added benefit of strategically lowering the day to day costs of your business. By simply installing or utilising sky lights and floor-to-ceiling windows, power bills will be cut while your customer bills have an opportunity to increase because they won’t want to leave.

In the event that you’re looking to do a deeper update, choosing a jewel or earthy pastel paint pallet will take you into the fashionable interior design realm. However, it is important to remember that being true to your business philosophy is ultimately more important than being on trend. The hues that you choose have the capacity to turn away potential customers, as like the old saying, of judging books by their covers, people judge restaurants by their colours.

Action Interiors specialises in ensuring that the fittings within your commercial space focus on the needs of both employees and customers, as it is necessary to give staff the opportunity to easily function as their movement will also affect the dining experience. Whether it be kitchen or bar fit-outs, Action Interiors are the experts in commercial fit outs and café interior design, and have an array of designs to suit your business that will make it a recipe for success. Contact us today to find out how we can work together.