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Commercial Fit Out in Perth: A How To Guide

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Posted on May 18, 2017

A commercial renovation is a huge process, something that can’t just be started on a whim, so before even making the decision to go ahead, it is essential to understand all the elements specifically involved in the process. By being prepared and informed you can be assured that your commercial fit out will run as smoothly as possible while taking into consideration your needs, your business requirements and those of the surrounding buildings. The following information will provide the foundations for you to make an educated decision to begin the process of giving your commercial space a new lease on life.

The first thing to consider is why you are doing the renovation. It may sound obvious, but the reasons may turn out to be more important than the superficial desire to look your best. For example, you may be dealing with an older building and not have previously noticed the condition of the infrastructure, electrical or plumbing systems or if they have reached their life expectancy, but it will become obvious when doing the research on your space. This is also the case for building code violations, as they may have been updated during your building’s lifespan and will dictate many of the decisions you need to make. Action Interiors can assess your existing or proposed office space and inform you of your legal requirements to make the changes necessary for a new layout to conform with disabled access, smoke and fire detection, fire egress and other issues related to the Building Code of Australia.

This is why the second stage of the commercial fit out, the budget, is equally as important as the interior design. While you may have a figure in mind that you wish to spend, renovations have frustrating ways of surprising you with expenses and the best way to avoid the shock is to devise what is called a “contingency budget”. The rule of thumb is to add an extra ten percent to your final budget to soften the blow of surprise invoices. To prepare for this, it’s best to do your homework on both your building and the completed renovations on similar businesses to be able to adequately estimate your overall bill. This step has the added benefit of economising your time, as it will be when you discover the nuts and bolts of the building that need to be addressed. Having an overall and realistic schedule goal is also a highly-recommended way to stay within a budget, as it will formally let you know what date it needs to be completed and how much tenant disruption the construction will cause.

Safety is a another key factor that Action Interiors addresses on a project to project basis to ensure your staff, our contractors and the general public are safe and that all works progress smoothly and safely from the design stage to handover.

Preparing for a commercial fit out or renovation doesn’t have to be a daunting task and now that you’re familiar with the main steps involved in the process, hopefully you should feel much better about beginning this exciting and rewarding venture. For more information, contact the experts at Action Interiors today.