Designing an Ergonomic Office Fitout

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Posted on February 28, 2018

Creating a healthy office environment that stimulates productivity, while balancing aesthetics and fostering creativity can seem like a daunting task, but there are many ways achieve this through smart office fitouts.

While not everyone has the budget of Apple or Google when it comes to designing a new office fitout for employees, there are definitely ways to invigorate your office on a budget. Action Interiors are here to share our tips and tricks to keep your employees happy and give productivity a boost in your office.

Let There Be Light

Office workers in the modern era spend so much time in front of a screen with unnatural blue light, which can be damaging to their eyes. Avoid the use of harsh LED lighting throughout your office by opening blinds and using clear partitions to let that natural sunlight in.

While having natural light is important, offices also need to be aware of any glare that could be caused by the natural light, as this glare will be detrimental to productivity.

Colour Me Happy

Colour is also an essential component, as those that clash could be distracting to workers. Before you take to your walls with a coat of paint, consider the colour of any furniture in the office that may directly contrast with the new hue on your wall.

Offices should consider painting walls with green and blue shades to promote a sense of calm and improve productivity , while yellow and orange can also be used to promote optimism and inspire creativity.

Use the Right Furniture for the Job

If you’re not going to be re-doing the entire office, you can make some big changes by updating the office furniture. As most office workers spend the best part of their day in a desk, sitting on a chair, these pieces of furniture should be the first to be reconsidered as part of an office fitout.

When you are looking at new office chairs, you should consider the following characteristics:

  • Backrest: Look for a wide backrest to provide support, ideally adjustable in height and angle.
  • Chair Height: A great chair height should promote good posture, allowing your employees arms and legs to sit horizontal with the desk.
  • Lumbar Support: Look for a chair that supports the natural curve of the spine.
  • Seat Material: Avoid leather chairs, as the material does not breathe well. Look for chairs covered in cloth material, as they promote ventilation and will help to prevent employees from getting uncomfortable.

Modular Layout

To mix things up every once in a while, it’s a good idea to have your furniture movable and adjustable so that you can change up the design of your office on a whim. This will save you money into the future and affords you some flexibility to keep up with new technologies and office trends.

A great way to promote a change of scenery in your office it to create collaborative spaces; these spaces will get people up and moving at the office, so that they are not always stuck in the same office around the same colleagues.

Waiting Room and Break Room

These areas are not where work takes place, but they’re still vitally important for the company, as employees and clients need to feel welcome and comfortable in your office. Look for furniture that will keep your staff, clients or patients comfortable.

Break rooms can be great places for staff from across your business to meet and relax, so ensuring there is enough furniture to allow staff to sit and eat lunch or drink coffee together is important.

In waiting rooms, while comfortable furniture is a priority, you could also consider adding a coffee machine or water station, or charging points for smart devices; while these items aren’t a necessity, they are a often a great way to welcome in visitors to your business.

Improve Your Green Thumb

While keeping plants alive might not be for all of us, research shows that having plants in your office can reduce stress and sickness, increase productivity, increase oxygen in the air and boost creativity!

For more information, and assistance in planning your interior office fitout, contact the experts at Action Interiors today!