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Get Transparency with Glass Office Partitions

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Posted on July 21, 2017

In the past, office partitions were not given much thought. They might have been a moveable pin-up board or simply a soundproof wall to separate departments. However, times have changed. Today, there are far more office partitions that make updated, twenty-first century design attainable for all businesses. For a more creative office space, consider the glass partition for a future project. Not only do they improve employee productivity, but they also create an aesthetically pleasing workplace that employees and clients alike look forward to using.

It is important to never underestimate the importance of mood in an office space. Glass partitions allow far more natural light, which ensures that employees do not feel isolated from the outside world. Views of offices along with walls of windows helps employees feel more responsible for their work because everyone is more visible. Instead of using fluorescent lights, it is always a good idea to give a more open feel to the workplace with natural light. This ultimately improves the overall mood of the office. When employees are in a better emotional state, then they are more productive. Because of improved productivity, employees will also have higher staff morale since colleagues can see what they are doing.

In addition, glass partitions are also more durable than most business owners believe. Glass creates a strong sound barrier, which prevents departments from affecting each other’s productivity. Additionally, they are a beautiful alternative to a white wall because businesses can place their branding onto individual panes of glass for a timeless, clean look that won’t need updating for many years to come. Both their functionality and style make glass partitions the best option. After all, there are many great design options.

Interesting design options for glass partitions include adding shape and texture to otherwise flat walls. Fun colours can also help enliven smaller spaces, which often take even more ingenuity in order to make the most of the office. Some other great options include illuminating the glass at ground level to provide a unique and unexpected light source or using back lighting to make the partition have a distinct feel apart from a basic pane of glass. To make a logo stand out on the glass partition, it can also be a great idea to add etching or frosting to the glass surface. This look works well in meeting and board rooms where departments meet regularly. Finally, glass bricks in varying levels of opaqueness can be used either as an accent or a complete wall to give some variety to the space. All of these design options help create an innovative environment that employees enjoy being a part of.

Businesses now have a variety of modern office designs to choose from. Glass partitions are a major reason why everyone from small operations to major corporations can have a fresh space from which to welcome their employees and clients. Instead of using solid walls to create separate spaces in the office, consider glass partitions. Contact Action Interiors today for more information about our range of office partitions.