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Medical Fitout: A How To Guide

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Posted on July 21, 2017

While commercial renovations have their own unique challenges, medical fitouts can be quite different because of more stringent requirements when it comes to safety, cleanliness and security. In addition, state and council regulations are factors that must be considered to ensure a correct medical fitout, which you should keep in mind to best accommodate the needs of the patients. By taking into careful consideration the reception area and consultation rooms, you can ensure that your fitout will do more than simply focus on functionality.

The first thing that prospective patients will see is the reception area, which is a place that should create an emotional link to the practitioners. Ideally, the design will be open and modern as well as an inviting place that reflects your vision, services, and commitment to the community. While you should focus on providing ample, comfortable seating, it is also fundamental not to overcrowd the space. Using bench seating and loose chairs gives patients the option to sit alone or with their families, if they are accompanied. Additionally, your children’s area should be engaging, and it can be helpful to use greenery, play equipment, and interactive games alongside the various bright colours and textures of the room to provide an experience that will make patients feel at home. A final consideration is creating an area that flows from the central reception in an intuitive way, which should feature natural light, without fluorescent lighting.

Another key factor in a medical fitout is the consultation area, where you must consider the number of rooms required and the types of visits you typically have before allowing for design choices in the individual consultation rooms. Some areas of focus should be patient privacy and a flexible layout, which will allow space for the patient and at least one family member. Pay close attention to the location of the practitioner’s and patient’s chairs, provide an adjustable, comfortable bed, and make space for technology that the firm may purchase in the future. Consultation rooms are the place where you will see the most growth, so outfit these spaces with room for storage and a focus on the future.

After making these choices, it may seem as though the fitout is complete. However, the distinguishing feature between a good medical fitout and a great one is an emphasis on the people that will be using your services. Avoid taking shortcuts with poor quality materials that wear and tear before their time. Make sure that the doors open into the rooms instead of into the hallway to ensure clear pathways for patients, select materials that ensure sound doesn’t easily travel from consultation rooms to the reception area, and always provide sufficient ventilation to keep the odours away from patients. These are important decisions to ensure that you go beyond functionality and make the space work well for many years to come.

Overall, there are many aspects to consider in a medical fitout, but a great team like Action Interiors can ensure that the right amount of planning goes into your space. After all, a medical fitout is the most important investment you make for your patients. Contact the experts at Action Interiors today for more information.