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Office Fitouts: Create Happy and Health Employees

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Posted on November 29, 2016


Time for your history lesson


Offices have undergone dramatic changes since their inception in the early 1920s, transforming from the cubical model of the 1960’s into the open plan environment we have seen blossom in the 21st century. In the 80’s and 90’s we saw the cubicle exaggerated with employers tightening the purse strings and fitting as many employees as possible into the one space in order to slow costs. Costs are always relevant and companies are cashing in and really seeing the benefits of a less compartmentalised workspace.

Office fitouts in Perth and the rest of Australia are catching up to the innovative powerhouses by the likes of Google and Facebook by breaking traditional moulds and embracing a more open plan design with spaces for collaboration and discussion and a genuine focus on thought and individual expression.

Initiate innovation
Office refurbishment is not purely a sociological concept as there are practical changes that can be put to work into your office to ‘combat the cube’. It’s a fact that unhappy workers cost money; if an employee has no avenue to think outside the box, they won’t, and the genuine response is the opposing effect; limiting thought and essentially slowing innovation.

According to environmental psychology an office can either stress people out or make them creative and happy. Over 450 billion dollars are lost every year due to unmotivated employees because their environment isn’t conducive to their wellbeing. By 2015, 75% of the world’s employees were young people that have grown up with ultimate ease of access. These notions need to translate to your office fitout to ensure productivity remains a constant, rather than a dream.

Let there be light
Natural lighting is extremely important; as humans we need it, it provides a relaxed ambience that has been proven to increase productivity. By choosing an office with plenty of natural light, along with incorporating additions like standing work spaces, private areas, collaborative spaces and lounge settings, employees will feel more in control of their environment by having a choice of where and how they work.

Intentionally designed spaces promoting quiet, collaborative and fun areas for your team to socialise help to create stronger social bonds, better trust and generate greater idea flow. You may be asking yourself “how will the addition of all these separate spaces be conducive to an open plan environment?” These separate spaces don’t have to limit your breathing room, you can manage your space by replacing walls and divides with glass partitions which give your office a new look and solve space issues.

The ergonomic essentials
Ergonomics need to be a staple in any office regardless of the floor plan. A comfortable working environment increases performance across the board, so making sure to factor in efficient workspace set-ups, rest areas, floor plans and heating is important to make the employee feel at ease and to improve both well-being and productivity.

The desk and chair you work from are just as important to other internal environmental factors and need the same attention given to the support they provide. While chiropractic bills aren’t normally an expected company expense, they will be if a proper ergonomic fitout has not been implemented.

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