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Workplaces have changed drastically in recent years, with standing desks, open plan spaces and hot desks the new norm.  Regardless of your industry, creating collaborative and flexible office spaces is the way forward.

Whether you’re creating a brand new space or updating office spaces from the bygone era, an Action Interior office fitout is the solution. We work with leading design and build professionals to take your new Perth office fitout from blueprint to build.

Designing innovative offices

Why build just another office when you can set up an innovative space that is not simply a place to put your employees, but rather, a creative space that’s strategically design for team growth, collaboration and increased productivity?

Our design team specialise in developing unique spaces that employees enjoy working in while also creating room for future growth.

Looking for something truly unique? Ask us about the superdesk which moves through your space, providing desktop space on its surface and quiet nooks and workspaces beneath its undulating waves.

Employee health as a design consideration

It is the proud focus of our interior design team apply their in-depth understanding of the emotional and productivity effects of colour and natural light in the workplace.

Did you know that offices designed with more natural light positively impact the sleep quality, and ultimately, the performance of employees?

Embracing sustainable design principles in your office fitout will ensure that the direct behavioural impacts of green building design can be see in your employees.

Our design team will work with you to create a sustainable space that allows the addition of plants and greenery that have been proven to increase productivity by as much as 15%.

Ergonomic measures are also a focus, with careful consideration of the placement of computer monitors, keyboards, and documents to improve workflow. Simple changes to screen placement viewing distance can also be accounted for when it comes to choosing the type of desks you’ll fit out your new office with.

Offices of the future

Today’s most innovative office spaces embrace new tech and encourage employee mobility. As more employees are kitted out with tablets and laptops instead of desktop setups, and have more access to office systems via their smartphones, workers now have the freedom to work in the way they choose. With reliable WiFi connections in the office, workers can kiss their regular desk goodbye and turn to cafe tables, comfy couches, beanbags and even the floor.

Our office designers share this flexible attitude when it comes to creating workspaces that give your team the freedom to work in ways they enjoy.

Our vision is to create office spaces that not only get your team working more productively, but also encourage collaboration, flexibility and relationship-building between teams who might not normally interact with each other.

The Action Interiors difference

With over 40 years experience in creating unique office spaces in Perth, we are proven experts in office design, fitout and construction. We pride ourselves on creating practical spaces for optimum workflow that are also aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

Our detailed project plans keep you informed from blueprint to build and strict due diligence updates ensure that your premises meets all occupational health and safety legislation so that your team is ready to go to work as soon as we hand over the keys.

Delivering quality from floorplan to handover means your uniquely designed space will not only look great but through sustainability measures, will also stand the test of time.

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Office Fitouts in Perth Ensure Increased Productivity for Your Workers

When you work with us for office fitouts in Perth, you’ll appreciate our professionalism and level of service as much as the quality of the products we install in your business. Action Interiors is your best bet in planning your fitout to a high standard.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Office Design in Perth

There are many ways to increase office productivity. You want your employees to thrive in their work environment. We have the appropriate techniques to accomplish this in office design:

  • Create a space where light and colour inspires creativity and collaboration. Natural light brings in energy and offers a more upbeat environment. Colours such as yellow encourage creativity. Blue soothes the mind and is suitable for logical workspaces such as finance. Play with the light and colour to enrich the different areas of your office.
  • Keep the introverts in mind. Employees who like a quiet place to work may feel overwhelmed in an open floor plan with too much hustle and bustle. Create pockets of calm for the solo workers who work better in silence. It can also offer personalities of all types a place to unwind.
  • Certain areas in the office may become cramped as your business grows. Purchase furniture on wheels so you can create that new configurations can on-demand. Use creative techniques to find a hidden pocket for extra storage. Modular designs offer a plethora of ways in which a business can add more people and equipment where needed.

What You Can Expect from Action Interiors Regarding Perth Office Fitouts

While there is a myriad of office fitout companies in Perth, we take pride in offering you a professional experience.

  • We excel at bespoke fitouts to meet your specific requirements now and in the future. We work with you from the design concept to the final installation, and we continue to partner with you after completion. Many of our clients are repeat customers who we have helped with multiple projects.
  • With over 40 years in the business, we have sustained an excellent relationship with reliable suppliers. We source only the highest quality materials and work quickly and efficiently to ensure completed installations on or before the deadline.
  • No installation will be successful without compliance with local regulations. You don’t want to find your project stalled because of outstanding permits or the lack of proper adherence to hygienic, disability, or fire requirements. We include all the above in our quotes.

You want your fitout designed and installed without a hitch. Our professional attention to detail ensures that the process runs smoothly.

Why Action Interiors is Cost-Effective

Many fitout companies can offer you a quick, easy solution. If you want to partner with an organisation with years of experience to provide consultation and advice on all aspects of your project, as well as attention to detail throughout the installation, then please contact us today with any questions. We are looking forward to being part of your next project.

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