Office Refurbishments in Perth

Office Refurbishments Done to Standards

When your office requires a makeover, it can already be a huge inconvenience for your staff and business. You don’t want to extend the time taken or risk not meeting the Australian building standards and have to redo it again. Office refurbishment in Perth can be a breeze when you have us, a registered builder and a member of the Master Builders Association by your side to guide and advise you.

Problems Action Interiors Address

Often your contractor or renovator will have a meeting with you to determine what you require; be sure you know what to look out for beforehand:

  • Not analysing properly. Office designers and builders don’t always understand the purpose of your space. We come to your site to advise what kind of design or renovations will best suit your business model. You probably don’t want a brightly coloured, casual atmosphere for a lawyer’s office, which would be more suited to a creative agency.
  • Office structures. We offer the superspace. Especially for creative companies and the busy mind, this is the perfect setup and provides a diverse, practical use of all the available space. The superspace is the optimal use of available space that creates a diverse work setup that can include cubicles, thinking pods, cosy couches, brainstorming rooms and conventional offices to create the perfect environment for any kind of brain to do their best work.
  • Not meeting the Australian building standards. Our team has worked in project management since the 90s, and we know how to stick to the standards when we do our projects so as not to waste your time by having to redo areas.

What Sets Action Interiors Apart Regarding Commercial Refurbishments in Perth

We focus on you as the client as well as the building site we have to work with, and we bring some added features to the table:

  • Over 40 years’ experience. We understand renovations as we have had enough time to analyse buildings, set-ups and the type of office needed to give you what you need. We work with your plans or can custom design a new idea for you that will also adhere to the Disability Discrimination Act in terms of accessibility.
  • We have a human approach. We are more than just a renovator as we consider the impact of the building on your employees’ productivity. We strive to incorporate natural light and create inspirational corners or chill spots so employees can feel at home and not confined to a desk.
  • Sustainability. Our approach keeps the environment in mind throughout the process, so your building can contribute to a sustainable future for all. Our superspace creates a creative, homey feel where employees have the freedom to work at different and more comfortable spaces throughout the building. Beanbags, thinking pods and comfy couches are some of the tricks up our sleeves.

Why Action Interiors is Cost-Effective

Not only are we familiar with numerous industries, but we also understand the different budgets available when dealing with clients who work in the Health, Hospitality, Shopping and Sports industries. You will deal directly with project managers, no sales reps that will only add to your project cost. Throughout the process, we have your goals in mind, including your deadline and financial restrictions. We will complete your project with care and without compromising on quality or legal standards.

Our projects and gallery speak for themselves; you can have a look at our previous projects to see the range of projects undertaken.

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