Stretch Ceilings

If you are in need of a contemporary ceiling design solution for your space that is stylish, efficient and affordable, Action Interiors has you covered with our range of stretch ceilings.

Stretch Ceilings

Action Interiors are experts in stretch ceilings and can help both advise and install your new traditional ceiling alternative. Based in Perth, our experts provide advice, recommendations and installation across the Perth and Western Australian area.

Whether you are building a brand new space or renovating or refurbishing an old one, a versatile stretch ceiling can help you create a stunning interior.

These durable installations are created using an aluminium track that is fixed onto the existing ceiling or wall, followed by a lightweight ceiling membrane that is stretched to fit onto the track.

Licensed Installers

Installed in one piece, there is no plastering involved which eliminates the wet mess and sanding component of plasterboard ceilings, meaning stretch ceilings are quicker and less labour intensive to install than most other ceiling finishes. Whether you are looking to make it the focal point of the room, or just want to quickly and easily hide the poor and damaged condition of any existing ceilings or walls without demolition, stretch ceilings are the perfect, budget-friendly solution for renovating your space. Stretch ceilings can also be used to conceal pipes, wires and ducting, and because they are just as easy to remove as they are to install, it is never a hassle should you ever need to access anything hidden behind one. Spend less of your business’ time and money to create a completely transformed space, with no mess and debris to clean up afterwards.

Stretch ceilings can be installed flat like a regular ceiling or, if you are looking to give your space a more personalised look, they can be manipulated into curves, arches or domes. Stretch ceilings can also be designed to suit any type of interior style or colour, so whether you have a hotel, foyer, restaurant or simply a space at home, we can create a stretch ceiling to suit you. Stretch ceilings come in a variety of textures, including gloss, matt, transparent, metallic or satin, and lights, sprinklers, vents, motion detectors and other accessories can be easily installed into the ceiling to really give your space that completed feel. They can also feature any digitally printed designs of your choice, meaning the possibilities with a stretch ceiling only ends with your imagination.

Versatile and Stylish

Stretch ceilings are also the perfect soundproofing solution for any home theatre or music room and can help to improve the acoustics of any space.

Requiring little maintenance, they do not attract dust and are resistant to moisture, making them the perfect ceiling solution for indoor pools or saunas.

We carry out all our works in full compliance with the current building regulations, and occupational safety and health (OSH) legislation, so if you think installing a stretch ceiling is the perfect solution for your business or home, contact Action Interiors today and let us help you transform your space into something truly unique.

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