Office Partitions

In theory, open plan offices may seem like a great initiative to boost idea sharing, creativity and communication within a workplace, however, they can often result in the exact opposite!

If your current office has succumbed to the open plan office trend and you have found that it just isn’t working for your business, look no further than Action Interiors for a cost-effective, versatile, portable refurbishment solution.

Every business is different, but at Action Interiors, we know that our clients know their business best, so we will work with our clients every single step of the way to achieve an outcome that is compliant with safety regulations, within your budget and ideal for your individual business.

The Great Divide

A solution that is cost-effective, portable and versatile sounds too good to be true, but office partitions are the perfect addition to any office looking to have a facelift.

Action Interiors specialise in four types of partitions:

  • Freestanding Partitions
  • Portable Partitions
  • Wall-mounted Partitions
  • Fixed Office Partitions

Office partitions are completely versatile; our clients could use just one type of partition to refurbish their space, or they could use a mixture of freestanding and wall-mounted, or fixed office and portable. They can easily be moved to create new departments, increase the usable space in an area or create private offices for employees.

Benefits for Your Employees

If you currently work in, or manage employees in an open plan office, chances are you or your employees have been distracted from work by your colleagues, or they’ve endured visual distractions from the hall or other side of the office. So what is that really doing to you, or your employee’s productivity levels?

Distraction Reduction

Office partitions don’t just offer a reduction of visual distractions; they also work as a noise barrier to dull the sounds from noisy printers or the details of your colleagues work phone calls. The partitions can also work to block out the sun and provide shade for those who are in direct sunlight.


Providing a private environment for employees to work in can lead to improved staff productivity, as employees will be relatively distraction free and will feel more secure when taking that important work phone call or filling out private paperwork. Office partitions also allow for privacy during important meetings, giving your employees and clients privacy to secure those big deals or have in-depth conversations about partnerships.

Additional Space

Putting up partitions in your office can actually create more space, by creating additional walls that employees can hang charts, calendars, to-do lists and important information; taking the clutter away from their desk for a more organised work space and ideally, better workflow!

If your office is open plan and you are interested in giving it a cost-effective, productivity-boosting facelift, give our knowledgeable, creative and passionate team a call today to find out how we can bring your vision to life.

Office Partitions in Perth Reduce Noise and Offer Privacy for Employees

Open-floor plans offer many advantages, but office partitions in Perth provide noise reduction and privacy for employees when they need it. Action Interiors is the best choice for all your office design needs. Learn how wall partitions, in particular, may solve some of your office issues and other problems you never even thought about in the first place.

Benefits of Office Partition Walls in Perth

Your office needs to meet the needs of your employees so that they can be as productive as possible. If your employees want a quieter environment to work in and more privacy for telephone calls, then an increase in materials or thickness of partition walls may be your answer. Discover why they work:

  • If an employee’s work demands intense concentration, then an office with a door will be your best option. First, consider partition walls as they reduce visual distractions. They also minimise office noise like printers or loud telephone calls.
  • Office partitions in Perth may suit human relations employees who need a private space for confidential calls or discussion of a sensitive nature. Having wall partitions in which to conduct confidential communication with an employee allows them the freedom to speak more freely.
  • Wall partitions will provide for more personal space to hang charts, calendars, and artwork. There is less clutter on desks this way. Brainstorming is usually associated with scribbles of ideas on oversized blank paper attached to a wall. Walls offer simple solutions in an office environment.

Tips Regarding Office Partitions in Perth

You can create the right balance between an open floor plan and partitions. Open floor plans promote collaborations, and office partitions enhance focused concentration and confidentiality. More benefits include:

  • Partitions provide the advantage of decreasing the number of distractions. An employee who is easily disturbed cannot work efficiently. Partitions built with the right amount of internal acoustic insulation and additional layers of plasterboard or acoustic plasterboard can absorb a tremendous amount of office noise. The worker gains a quieter area and more privacy at the same time.
  • Glass partitions are an option when your employee wants noise reduction but also wants to keep the natural light. Natural light flowing through the glass walls can improve the mood and provides a healthy alternative to a closed office.
  • Partitions can be built for practical reasons such as acoustic, fire rated or to compartmentalise space. Alternatively, we can build feature partitions from timber veneer panels or screened room dividers that still allow light through but prevent access to certain areas.

About Action Interiors

Our 40 years of experience in the business brings a multitude of benefits to you. We understand the industry, have excellent relationships with our suppliers, and a thorough understanding of the building regulations and legislative requirements necessary for a professional installation. We will meet all your office partition needs. Look us up to begin your project soon and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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