Veterinary Fitouts in Perth

Veterinary Fitouts

Animals bring so much joy to their owners, and the shock and trauma of your animal being in distress does not have to be emphasised by a cold, impersonal veterinarian practice. Veterinary fitouts in Perth is a necessary future-fit concept that will be inviting to the humans of your furry clients while still keeping your practice hygienic and practical where needed.

What Sets Action Interiors Apart Regarding Veterinary Fitouts in Perth

Your veterinary practice fitout may benefit from our services because of these facts:

  • Over 40 years’ experience across many industries. We understand the type of space you need and that it needs to speak to practicality as well as provide a comfortable, calming space for animals and their humans. We work with your plans or we can custom design a new idea for you.
  • We are a registered builder and a member of the Master Builders Association. Our certification proves that we don’t mess around with building standards and can be trusted to stick to them, while we create a safe working space for you and a pleasant waiting experience for your customers.
  • Sustainability. Our approach keeps the environment in mind throughout the process, so your building can contribute to a sustainable future for all. You can be sure that your building is green with the best quality, yet affordable materials used during the upgrade.

Benefits of using Action Interiors’ Services

We specialise in many building renovation-related services that will be of added value to your practice and your customers.

  • Free quote and advice. We will provide you with a free quote to give you an idea of what your budget will be when you do your fitout. At the same time, we offer advice based on the building standards and can enlighten you on the latest updates to them. Not meeting the Accessibility Act’s regulations or building structure laws can have a significant impact on your approval as well as your building insurance. We know how to avoid this pitfall.
  • The combinations of different styles we work with can improve the practical examination room of your veterinary surgery, as much as it can brighten up your reception areas to ensure repeat business or beneficial word of mouth stories.
  • With the lives of animals at stake, you want the job done efficiently and professionally. Long-standing relationships with contractors make a big difference when it comes to deadlines and quality, as their loyalty will make them go the extra mile.

Why Trust Action Services Regarding Veterinary Fitouts in Perth

The Master Builders Association is a body that determines quality standards and accessibility of buildings, but certification is much more as it brings with it peace of mind and credibility that we know the facts and standards. Our previous projects in the Medical industry will also give you a better understanding of how we incorporate the needs of the client while not compromising on quality or the law. A project, however, is more than just a list of rules that we must follow, we will manage your project from beginning to end with a human touch and sensitivity to your investment.

Visit our website to see a gallery of previous projects and added project management services we offer. Please contact us at your convenience.

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