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Marketplaces have been bringing people together for centuries and to this day, people are still drawn to local retail centres where they can engage in a range of activities. In retail spaces customers move through the sales journey beginning when they first spot the storefront of a business right through to purchase.

Action Interiors helps businesses design stores to guide customers through the buyer journey and that are optimised for the ultimate customer experience.

Our experts provide shop fitouts in Perth that maximise floor space and are visually appealing, choreographing every store interaction to sculpt a unique destination that customers will love to visit.

Whether you’re creating a brand new retail space or are updating an existing shop, an Action Interior retail fitout is the solution. Let our leading designers and construction professionals take your new Perth retail space fitout from blueprint to build.


We design creative retail spaces to improve customer experience

The ‘decompression zone,’ is the very first space that your prospective customers view when they enter your retail space. This is generally the first five to fifteen feet worth of floorspace and is where your customers move from the outside world into your brand’s storyscape.

It is at this point that your potential customers are making critical judgments about your store, such as what the prices are likely to be like, what colours and products are on display and what the general atmosphere is like. The first impression of your store layout sets the course for how the rest of the customer experience will go.

We pride ourselves on understanding your customer’s journey in their terms. Including, how your brand story can be laid out o best represent your business as well as provide a unique and inviting space for customers to not only enjoy, but to spend their hard-earned money in.


We improve employee satisfaction as a design metric

We’ve all been in the awkward position of entering a store only to be met by unhappy or anxious staff struggling to maneuver around each other. The EFTPOS machine is on the opposite end of the counter and only one till is connected to it. Customers are frustrated and the counter staff suffer for it.

Undoubtedly, optimal customer satisfaction is the most important element of retail success. However, an often overlooked part of pleasurable customer experiences is the visible satisfaction of your staff.

Our design team are celebrated for creating spaces that are both visually appealing while optimising your store workflow, ultimately keeping your staff happy with a workplace that is equally functional and enjoyable to work in.


The Action Interiors Difference

Action Interior’s 40 years of expertise in designing, sculpting and constructing new kinds of customer experiences helps retailers to not only create the workflow and processes they need for their employees and customers, but also to transform their retail spaces into profitable and engaging destinations people love to visit.


If you’re ready to transform your customers’ experience in your retail space, talk to our Perth shop fitout team by filling in the form on the right!


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