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The 21st Century Office Fitout

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Posted on May 12, 2017

The times are changing and this is even true for things like and office fitout. While it was once acceptable for commercial spaces to be bland places that simply housed workers for eight hours a day, five days a week, they are now moving into an exciting new era of expectation for both customers and employees where style choices can create a fresh working environment that promotes productivity and reflects the life within the business.

To begin to rejuvenate an office, it’s best to bring nature and colour into the space. Simple additions to the fitout, including greenery and potted plants are easy and inexpensive ways to bring a breath of fresh air to the work day and have proven to stimulate creativity. But to be truly dedicated to the office renovation process, it’s important to understand that specific colour choices can have long lasting positive physical and emotional effects on employees. According to experts, blue and white are the best pallets to ignite proficiency while red can conjure feelings of anger and stress. This is not to say that a bold splash of colour is a bad idea. Taking the risk to add a vibrant hue has been proven to inspire similar risk taking when brainstorming and problem solving business ideas.

In 2017 and beyond, technology is going to continue to dominate how businesses are run and how they look. To appear professional and capable to customers and clients, up to date technology is now a necessity. There is a lot of fun to be had with technology in the workplace when doing a new office fitout as it is beginning to merge with furniture creating futuristic multi-media stations with multiple functions. Along with desks designed to wow clients with digital presentations, a chair is no longer just a chair. Ergonomics should be taken in account considering your staff spend a considerable amount of time sitting, so a quality chair is a must to keep them comfortable and prevent spinal problems from developing.

Office renovations can have limitations when it comes to built-in fixtures such as windows, especially when natural light is required. Similar to greenery, sunlight is a recommended solution to motivate employees and the new office fitout should enhance what is naturally available. Using outside light as a guideline for the inside design means workstation locations can be chosen based on when they will be highlighted. This is a trend started by companies like Google and Apple, who also instigated having many different areas for employees to do their work and has been proven to increase both productivity and happiness, resulting in less staff turnover.

All of this and more means it is an exciting time for office design where there is a new amount of freedom and creativity to turn an office into a place that both employees and clients enjoy being in. Make sure your work environment is up to date and the best it can be, not just because it looks good, but for the well-being of you and your employees.

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