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New Year, New Office Design!

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Posted on February 5, 2017

The new year is a perfect time to start afresh, particularly when it comes to business. With a new vision, a new fitout and a fresh coat of paint, a new commercial office design can motivate staff and reinvigorate customers to achieve even more success. Action Interiors offers commercial fitouts in Perth to take an office or an airport into the future. But what does it actually involve?

Residential vs. Commercial

While most people are familiar with the concept of residential design, there is much to be learned about the commercial industry, as they are two very different fields. While the residential side deals with meeting the needs of a home, ensuring that the space reflects the personality and taste of a family, the commercial space is about enhancing a brands image and creating an inviting, functional and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that endeavours to improve productivity. Each industry and business has different needs, from hospitals requiring provisions to be implemented for patients, beds and wheelchairs, to restaurants needing ambiance, and government offices often requesting low-key and comforting spaces to accommodate a heavy flow of visitors.

However, like residential design, the commercial process also begins with meetings between designers and clients to discuss the overall vision of the project and assess the space for what is structurally possible. Like different variations of houses or apartments needing to adhere to their own locations and climates, commercial office design needs to meet the needs of the people who will be visiting and those who are working in the space every day. For example, similar to a metropolitan apartment having different requirements to a single-level suburban home, a children’s elementary school has vastly different necessities to an exclusive restaurant or international airport. It is the commercial interior designers job to manage what needs to be done, and make professional partnerships with architects and commercial fitout companies like Action Interiors to ensure that the design meets client expectations.

Guiding steps for your new Office Design

When deciding whether to move forward with your commercial office design project, there are some important things to consider:

  1. Function – Does your vision match the goals and needs of your business? Do the finishes and design enable customers, patients or students the opportunity to get the most out of the space?
  2. Brand – Does the style and design decided by you, the architect and the interior designer compliment your already established brand or a new business preparing to be introduced to the market? Does it stand out from competitors?
  3. Safety – Do all the components you are considering offer the upmost safety for both employees and customers?
  4. Maintenance – Have the finishes been chosen by considering whether or not they will require constant attention and expensive upkeep that will diminish the brand and overall look if not frequently improved?
  5. Honesty – Are you being honest about everything you want and need compared to what is possible and rational?

Making a change to a business can be an intimidating prospect but there are experts on hand to help you through the process. Action Interiors offers guidance, professionalism and a stellar reputation within the local community.